About us


Madotec was created in 2000 by Dominique Mafrand, an eclectic music lover and a sound reproduction enthusiast. Numerous components and high fidelity products manufacturers were then contacted all over the world for distribution agreements in France. Partnerships quickly developped with several foreign companies including Sowter Ltd (UK), Mundorf Gmbh (Germany), Duelund Coherent Audio (Denmark) and Feastrex (Japon). The picture here below was taken at the 2008 CES Las Vegas, from left Joe Cohen (The Lotus Group) and Hal Teramoto (Feastrex), to right Robert Spence (Affirm Audio) and Dominique Mafrand (the “blue” man).


As a tube lover, Dominique Mafrand designs some electronics circuits based on original topologies of his own and showed also some real interest in loudspeakers in 2008. As an exhibitor at the Paris Hifi Home Cinema show in October 2010, he demonstrated open baffles using Feastrex Japanese full range drivers. The visitors were unanimous about the musical performances of the system which received the honorary “Best Sound of the Show” award by HifiClube.net, a Portuguese internet audio magazine. He took part in 2011 in the creation of Fertin Acoustics, a company manufacturing Model 7 speakers featuring a unique carbon rods surround system, and discovered the marble and granite loudspeakers available on special orders.

It was a revelation which was going to incite him to think about the design of an original and compact loudspeaker made of heavy material and fitted with a single full range driver. L’Enceinte Bleue was born.