L’Enceinte Bleue

dsc00076 bis- Type : single full range driver, granite bass reflex load

- Driver : 12″ Electro Magnet Speaker LB12, paper cone

- Frequency response : 55 Hz to 15 kHz at +/- 3 dB

- Sensitivity : 97dB/W/m

- Impedance : 16 ohms

- Handling power : 50W RMS

- Dimensions : 410 x 540 x 310 mm (WxHxD)

- Net weight : 84 kg


The Enceinte Bleue standard equipment includes :

- either a line level passive Baffle Step Compensation filter ( Madotec) with j-fet output buffer, to be inserted in between the source and the amplifier

- or a passive balanced RL cell BSC speaker network with Zobel correction filter

Basically the frequency response of a speaker depends on the dimensions of the baffle on which it is mounted. The 180° hemispherical emission in the high frequencies progressively becomes 360° omnidirectional with a level drop in the bass frequencies. It is called baffle step effect and it appears faster as the baffle is narrow. A BSC filter helps compensating the problem efficiently. It also helps to adapt the tonal balance according to the location of the loudspeakers in the room. All passive filter components are of ultimate quality i.e. line level type with Vishay resistors, Seiden rotary switch and Duelund capacitor, balanced speaker type with Mundorf Zero Ohm inductance and Duelund resistors.


Major Tom

Under construction…


The Lighthouse


Madotec reserves the right to change designs and/or specifications of l’Enceinte Bleue without prior notice during the course of improvement of the product.