19.12.2017 / Electronics & The Lighthouse

The 304TL triode monoblock project has been postponed and is due for release on the second half of 2018. It should be launched with several mechanical upgrades compared to the former project. The electronics got a new name Major Tom, and will be positively associated with a future line preamplifier called Ground Control featuring RCA and XLR inputs, autoformer volume control, j-fet buffering and massive tube power supply with LCLC filter. To be continued…

And very soon a new website page dedicated to the Lighthouse integrated amp !


27.06.2016 / Interview of Dominique Mafrand by Howard Popeck of Hifianswers

Mr. Dominique Mafrand, the driving force behind French audio maker l’enceintebleue. Interview.


30.09.2015 / Back to full range 

The various tests done with and without an additional tweeter filtered through a 12 then an 18 dB/octave high pass passive crossover have pointed out the complexity of making the tweeter work in a fluent way with the full range driver. Some mods were implemented to the listening system i.e. a Toshiba CD player used as a drive (Philips transport) coupled to a DIP Audio Monarchy resynchronizing electronics, a Totaldac d1-single D/A converter and N.O.S Yamamura Churchill loudspeaker cables. The definition and the high frequencies extension of the EMS LB12 full range driver have positively improved. So the tweeter upgrade will remain on the shelves until… To be continued…


06.12.2014 / Haute Fidelite Paris audio show (november 2014, 15th and 16th)

A lot of visitors on the Madotec / Ming Da / Roboli Design booth with very high quality listening sessions on sunday. Thanks to all the visitors !



17.01.2014 / Test report in december 2013 issue of Stereo & Image Prestige (France)

“A sound reproduction of the utmost musicality in all acceptance of the meaning (…) with a highest feeling of musical fulfillment.”

Patrick Vercher and Benjamin Boucaut


s & i 84a

s & i 84b

s & i 84c

s & i 84d

s & i 84e


15.12.2013 / Voir & Emouvoir visits Madotec

images Voir & Emouvoir webzine manager Laurent Mano interviews Dominique Mafrand


20.11.2013 / Haute Fidelite 2013 audio show in Paris

The Haute Fidelite Paris audio show held on last november 9 and 10 at the Marriott Paris Rive Gauche hotel. Madotec formed a partnership with Ming Da Europe for exhibiting and demonstrating the Enceinte Bleue for the first time in public.


The demo system included Metronome Technologie T5 transport and C5 converter (lent by Point Musiques) set on a MinusK isolator table (lent by RoboliDesign).  All cables were Absolue Creations Tim Reference. The electronic part was Ming Da business with a MC-2A3 PRE preamplifier and as a world premiere one pair of the brand new 212 push-pull monoblocks feeding the Enceinte Bleue. The loudspeakers were fitted with LB12 special edition.

The cone receives an ultra thin palladium film with ground lead for static draining. Moreover the painted and varnished wooden phase plug used on Saturday was replaced by a massive aluminium one available as an option with field coil drivers. It helps keeping field coil temperature low.

The listening sessions attracted a lot of visitors notably in the afternoon when the electronics got at their working best. The « live » tracks gave the stunning impression of being there thanks to a spectacular imaging.



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