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Major Tom

tt029bThe Major Tom monoblock with 304TL DHT has been designed in a very minimalist way. The 2-stage single ended schematic diagram inserts 9 components only along the audio path including the HV filtering output capacitors.

Such a short audio way quick reveals any component sound signature. That is why the Major Tom monoblock has been implemented with components of utmost quality and amazing neutrality.

The two HV power supplies of each monoblock i.e. one psu per stage, have been designed with a strictly identical topology so that they react similarly to the slightest musical signal. The single phase full wave rectification employs four Silicon Carbide HV rectifiers of latest generation, extremely fast and extremely quiet. LCLC type filtering network is implemented with double chokes and polypropylene capacitors only, plus Duelund Cast pure silver foil and Hybrid copper and silver foil decoupling capacitors across the outputs. The available energy at the output of each psu is extremely high (500 joules available and dedicated to the output stage).

piecesofn-1415022477-7766An Intact Audio (USA) custom made interstage transformer with nickel lamination connects the N.O.S Siemens C3gS input tube to the N.O.S Eimac 304TL output triode. The single ended double C Finemet core output transformer is made by Noguchi from Japan.

Internal wiring is silver all around and short from point to point. Absolutely no soldering along the signal path, all audio connections are made by pure contact only.



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